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  • Hand Felted Pin Cushion  This is a great first project for a new hand needle felter.  It also teaches someone who uses a machine to needle felt about the basics of using a hand felting needle.

I use a combination of the Babylock Embellisher and hand needle felting in many of my projects.  Because there are so few sites with patterns for the Embellisher, I am focusing on those projects now.  The projects will be sold in two ways.  You can purchase just the pattern, or you can purchase the pattern as a kit with all of the materials that you will need to complete the project.

I teach a group of Embellisher users in South Carolina, and they will be helping me to test my patterns in a classroom setting before making them available on the website.  I expect this will result in patterns that are tried and tested and which will be of more value to you.

Patterns for felting using the Babylock Embellisher, a needle felting machine, are currently in the test phase.  The patterns will be released by October 1, 2006.

I will also be offering patterns for needle felting entirely by hand.  These patterns are also in development.  Hand Needle Felting patterns will be tested in October and released on this site in November, 2006.

Please check back often for updates.